Sunday, October 29, 2006

Candidate Webb's X rated novels

I knew Webb was pro-abortion and against the amendment to define marriage as ONE WOMAN, ONE MAN....but sleazy novels?

I do NOT believe a man that writes these things can fairly vote on porno and the abuse of women, as a Senator would have to.....

This is unbelievable!!

Webb Says His Novels 'Inappropriate' for News Radio
By Nathan Burchfiel Staff Writer
October 27, 2006

(Editor's note: Corrects quote in the 10th paragraph.)

( - In an interview on Washington Post Radio Friday morning, Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, said excerpts of his novels are "a little bit inappropriate" to be read on news radio.

"I don't know why you're reading that on WTOP," Webb told host Mark Plotkin. "I think it's a little bit inappropriate."

Plotkin was reading an excerpt from Webb's novel "Something to Die For," in which Webb describes a female stripper performing sexual acts with a banana.

"I don't think that's appropriate for you to read on WTOP," Webb said again as Plotkin finished the excerpt. (Washington Post Radio is WTOP's sister station.)

The campaign of Republican Sen. George Allen on Thursday released excerpts from some of the war novels Webb wrote between 1978 and 2002. The books include some graphic sexual passages, as well as frequent uses of a racial slur for blacks and descriptions of Vietnamese women as "monkey-faced."

Among the excerpts is a scene from the 2002 novel "Lost Soldiers," in which a man embraces his four-year-old son and places the boy's penis in his mouth.

Webb said the release of the excerpts was "a Karl Rove campaign tactic" and a "classic example of the way this campaign has worked. It's smear after smear."

He defended his fiction as "illuminative."

"It's not a sexual act," Webb told Plotkin regarding the "Lost Soldiers" excerpt. "I actually saw this happen in a slum in Bangkok when I was there as a journalist."

"The duty of a writer is to illuminate the surroundings," he added.

Coincidentally, a Cambodian woman in Las Vegas is facing sexual assault charges for performing a similar act on her young son, according to an Oct. 14 report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The article quotes an office manager for the Cambodian Association of America, who described the act as a sign of respect or love.

"It's an exception," Thira Srey told the Review-Journal of the practice. According to the report, the act is usually performed by a mother or caretaker on a child who is one year old or younger. In Webb's novel, the child is four years old.

Webb criticized the Allen campaign for focusing on excerpts from his novels.

"The most important issue facing the country, he hasn't got a statement to make on it," Webb said of the Iraq war. "This country's been breaking into pieces economically ... they've got no position on that.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why Democrats have not be talking about their agenda

Wondering why the Dems have not said anything of their socialist agenda? This editorial from the Wall Street Journal tells us why...they want to fool people into voting Democrat/Socialist by being quiet........

The Non-Contract With America--What Democrats Aren't Saying About Their Agenda

From The Wall Street Journal


October 28, 2006

[House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has] kept her Members tight-lipped and unspecific ...

This is in notable contrast to 1994, when the Gingrich Republicans ended a 40-year Democratic House majority by laying out a 10-item agenda known as the Contract with America. What Democrats are campaigning on this year is a Non-Contract with America--mostly generalities about "helping the middle class" and "ending the corruption in Washington."

As a campaign strategy, this may well pay off. But if they do win, Democrats will have to fill their campaign vacuum with something, and the best clue to what that would be is what they've already proposed. ...

Tax increases. The Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, and any chance that they'll be made permanent will vanish with a Democratic Congress. The question is whether Democrats will try to raise taxes even sooner. ...

Ms. Pelosi says reversing [the] tax cuts "at the high end" would be "an earlier resort." This would raise the top income and dividend tax rate back to 39.6% from 35%, and the capital-gains rate back to 20% from 15% ... Economist John Rutledge estimates that raising the dividend rate alone would reduce the value of the S&P 500 stocks by between 5% and 8.5%, roughly a $500 to $700 billion decline in the wealth of the 52% of American households that own stock. ...

Democrats have also pledged to restore so-called pay-as-you-go budget rules, which sound like a restraint on budget deficits but in practice restrain only tax cuts. ...

Health-care regulation. ... Michigan's John Dingell, who would run the Energy and Commerce Committee, has co-sponsored the "Patients Before Profits Act" that would gut funding for the new Medicare Advantage plans that are proving so popular with seniors. Instead, he and the other Democrats who run health-care panels want to direct all seniors into a single government-run Medicare drug plan. Another proposal from top Democrats, the Medicare for All Act, would make all Americans, of any age, eligible for Medicare and pay for it with a new 1.7% payroll tax on workers and 7% on employers.

Ms. Pelosi has also pledged to pass, in her first 100 hours as Speaker, legislation to require the government to "negotiate lower drug prices." That's a euphemism for imposing price controls on new medicines, which can take as much as $800 million in research and development to bring to market. ...

[A]nother top priority for Democrats is the Employee Free Choice Act, which has at least 215 co-sponsors in the House and 44 in the Senate. This would allow labor to turn workplaces into union shops without an election or secret ballot. Unions would merely have to gather signatures from a majority of workers at a work site, which means labor organizers could strong-arm employees who opposed such a petition. ...

Democrats have also moved well to the left on trade since the Bill Clinton-Nafta era. ...The entire Democratic leadership opposed free trade with tiny Oman and with Central America, so deals now in the works with Vietnam and other countries would also be long shots. ...

Energy. The Pelosi Democrats favor a "windfall" profits tax on oil companies and a virtual moratorium on drilling for more domestic oil in Alaska and on the outer continental shelf (where the U.S. may have more energy than Saudi Arabia). These policies would make the U.S. more dependent on foreign oil. ... And lobbying would begin for the U.S. to sign the Kyoto Protocol ...

We could go on, in particular in the regulatory arena ... But you get the idea. A Democratic triumph would produce a major shift in the national policy debate ... elections have consequences, and we thought our readers might like to know about them before November 7.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Marriage Rally in Roanoke at noon today


with special guest
Senator George Allen

Thursday, Oct. 26, 12:00 NOON

Hollins Road Baptist Church
3502 Old Mountain Rd. Roanoke 24019

Spread the word, tell your friends, come and take a stand for traditional values

Sponsored by CCOTV and

*Titles and Party Affiliations are listed for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by or

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Virginia man fired for supporting Marriage

This is an outrage! I guess free speech only counts if you support the homosexual agenda.....

Pro-Marriage Message at Root of Employee's Dismissal

Luis Padilla beside his truck bearing a message encouraging people to vote for a marriage amendment being considered on Election Day (Photo by Nikki Fox, Courtesy of Daily News Record)

By Jim Brown and Jody Brown
October 20, 2006

(AgapePress) - A Virginia man has allegedly been fired from his job for supporting a state ballot initiative defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Luis Padilla was reportedly terminated from his employment at a Cargill Foods plant in Harrisonburg because of a written message on the rear window of his pickup truck that read: "Please, vote for marriage on Nov. 7." That is the day when voters in Virginia will be considering a proposed amendment to the state constitution protecting traditional marriage.

According to the Daily-News Record in Harrisonburg, Padilla -- who worked in Cargill's human resources office -- was dismissed for insubordination when he refused to remove the message, which company officials could be considered harassment. He apparently had removed the sign when first requested, then later posted it again and parked his truck outside the company parking lot. The newspaper report indicates the former Cargill employee was trying to reach an accommodation with the company about the message when he was fired.

The Family Foundation of Virginia sent a letter to Cargill, calling for Padilla's reinstatement. However, the large private company has denied the request, saying "Cargill is not required to allow Mr. Padilla to impose his beliefs on his co-workers." Victoria Cobb, executive director of the Family Foundation, says Cargill is engaging in viewpoint discrimination.

"We are seeing something that is starting to happen across America and even here in Virginia, where political correctness has run amok. That's the simplest way to put it," says Cobb. "The legal letter that we have received back from Cargill's legal department has basically said that they have these 'Valuing Differences' initiatives and they have this 'Everyone Matters' policy; and yet, apparently, Mr. Padilla's views are not respected."

Cobb believes Padilla, a father of two who is a native of Honduras and is in America on a work permit, is the victim of viewpoint discrimination and is being denied his right to free speech.

"If nothing else, even if there is not legal recourse the way we'd like for there to be legal recourse, there is absolutely a sense that this is intolerable behavior from a company," Cobb states. She also feels it is "devastating to our democracy" when there are individuals who believe, like Cargill, that simply posting a sign in a car window constitutes "imposing" one's beliefs on others.

"It is abundantly clear that those who seek to impose same-sex 'marriage' on society are not at all interested in tolerance of other viewpoints," says Cobb in a press release. "And they are willing to go so far as to destroy a man's family and take his livelihood to get their way."

A spokesman for the Family Foundation-affiliated Valley Family Forum echoes those sentiments. "This action exposes the hypocrisy of people who claim to stand for 'tolerance' but who instead doa ll they can to silence all opposing views," says Dean Welty. "In this case, those who accuse Mr. Padilla of 'harassment' have themselves become the 'harassers.'"

According to Cobb, who is also a spokesperson for the group, Padilla has not yet decided whether to file a lawsuit against Cargill, noting Virginia law gives employers a great deal of latitude when it comes to firing employees. She says she is hopeful legal action will not be necessary and, toward that end, encourages Cargill to reinstate Padilla immediately.

Source: Agape Press

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sound the alarm FOR the Marriage Amendment in Virginia

Now is the time for us to get energized and educate our friends to vote FOR Amendment 1, the Marriage Amendment.

This amendment simply states that marriage in VA is between ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN.

Pro-homosexual groups like the Commonwealth Coalition have been distorting the truth, falsely claiming there are "unintended consequences". Not true. This amendment was very carefully written and is similar to 12 other Marriage amendments that passed in other states.

So far, 20 states have allowed voters to define marriage in a Constitutional Amendment. It has passed in 20 out of 20 elections. No state has yet rejected this.

Rather than being intellectually honest and just saying they oppose the ban on homosexual marriage, opponents have made up this misinformation about "unintended consequences".

Both the Virginia Attorney General and the Virginia Board of Elections have issued statements on this amendment that make it clear there are NO unintended consequences....yet the left-wing, mainstream media continues to amplify the false claims of those supporting the homosexual agenda.

Virginia Voters must not be fooled by the false claims of pro-homosexual groups....

You can help by distributing flyers in your church and neighborhood, putting a bumper sticker on your car, or sign in your yard, donating money and most important, be in PRAYER about this critical issue.

Please vote YES on the amendment to protect marriage...and visit the website to see how you can help.

Virginia State Board of Elections statement

Marriage in the Commonwealth creates specific legal rights, benefits, and
obligations for a man and a woman. There are other legal rights, benefits, and obligations which will continue to be available to unmarried persons, including the naming of an agent to make end-of-life decisions by an Advance Medical Directive (Code of Virginia §54.1-2981), protections afforded under Domestic Violence laws (Code of Virginia § 18.2-57.2), ownership of real property as joint tenants with or without a right of survivorship(Code of Virginia § 55-20.1), or disposition of property by will (Code of Virginia § 64.1-46).

Virginia Attorney General's Opinion

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roanoke Life chain stands up for the unborn

On Sunday, Oct. 1, about 120 people from various churches and denominations in the Roanoke Valley lined Williamson Rd and Orange Ave. at 2 PM for the annual Life Chain.

During the Life Chain, participants line the sidewalks on all four corners in the shape of a cross, expressing a peaceful and prayerful witness against abortion, child abuse and euthanasia.

The life chain is normally held on the first Sunday of each October.

For more information, contact Shirley Joslin at or visit the website