Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Advanced Audiocopy of Jim Webb's Dem response to Bush SOTU address

Incredible! At least his theme is pretty much what we expected from a liberal, Democrat.....

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Republican Ralph Smith for VA Senate??

Like many Republicans, I supported Brandon Bell in the last election...and worked hard to elect him. In general, I have been pleased with his votes on social issues... to his credit, he has voted pro-life, etc.

My only holdback here was his key vote that killed a bill to require internet filters on computers in public libraries where kids view the internet.

However, taxes are a different matter.

In the VA Senate, the liberal Republicans are in control. They chose to side with Democrats and Tim Kaine during the last session and push for higher taxes.

Brandon had to decide between doing what liberals like Senator Chichester wanted (vote for higher taxes) or doing what we wanted (we being the people who elected him).

He chose to side with the liberals and Democrats, and supported higher taxes, against our advice, emails, screams and howls.

He was rewarded with a new committee assignment to the Senate Education and Health committee, replacing another Republican.

I have known Ralph Smith for a while as well. As former Mayor of Roanoke, Ralph often was the ONLY vote against higher spending on many issues before City Council. He stood on principle on many occasions, despite being outvoted by the Democrat majority.

Ralph is a solid, Christian conservative who is good on the social/moral issues and the fiscal issues. I don't have to worry about how he might vote on important issues and then have to lobby him to support the Conservative position....he IS the conservative position.

No incumbent "owns" their House or Senate seat....the seat is owned by the people.

For this reason, I am supporting Ralph Smith for Republican Senator for the 22nd district.