Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Blog: Roanoke Conservative

Check out the new Blog in SW Virginia, Roanoke Conservative .

I expect to spend more time posting at this new blog, so check us out !!


At 11:05 PM, Blogger dave Richardson said...

Conservative or liberal where is the moderate point of view? Some things that are conservative anger me to no end, for example would a conservative ever consider taking home a homeless person to eat diner with and not just drop them off at the Homeless Shelter where they no doubt will be meet with loving care. Years ago I knew a pastor who manipulated kids 16-25 to no end to do what Jesus said and did in the bible at first it was ok, but once he got his tax free status he turned the fellowships up and down the east coast into work houses ... All the money went to the central office. And this was a conservative that allledgly was showing us the love of Christ. Latter the church disloved because this pastors hard core teachings went to nothing when he was caught in sexual sin.
Then their is the pastor who says that once your saved your always saved. I agree to a degree. I was brought up Roman Catholic and where I do not agree that you earn admission to heaven, I do agree that your life must show christian love and change. I am pentecostal now but not as wacky as the new age pentecostal who have come up with this slain in spirit thing. Where were the catchers for the 3000 that came to Christ on pentecost? Regardless the Revised Standard Version of the bible is and was thought in the 70's to be the most authentic English translation. At the end of John it says he who believes in the son has life but he who does not obey the son shall not see life but the wrath of God shall rest upon them.
Pretty strong words, "They came from Christ but you won't see them in other versions. But if you read through the gospel of John it makes that the truly converted have changed all for Christ. Further Galatians seems to indicate that if you do the things that the unsaved do thens you have not been converted. Some people go and rededicate and rededicate their lives but are unwilling to confess their sins to one another as Christ preached. Why? Because the world has become an exceedingly wicked place and an evil generation concerned with nothing but their bellies and their new homes, and their personel prosperity. The name it and claim it of Christian TV is making salaries from 250k conservatively to John Hagee's over one million a year. Well that certainly is saving up your treasures in heaven now isn't it? The problem with Chalitans cuts both ways either you are like the crouches that make a combinded income of 750k and preach that you will never need worry if you give to TBN, or you find some Charlitan who Lives on a modest salary of 50-75k like Todd Bently who is conducting a revival in Florida where he is misleading people into this unknown anoiting that rings with new age magic and mysticism. Both are heretics! Strong language from a moderate. Orthodox Pentecostism, Baptist, Presbyterians,Catholics,Methodist, Weslyans,Lutherans, BEWARE! The devil is stewing the pot and wants to put you in it. Love is the answer! Thou shalt love the Lord your God above all things and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Tithing by the way was institute by the Catholic Church in 580 at the council of Macon. Chalagmange made it Law in the 800's when he became Holy Roman Emperor. Needless to the say the reformation didn't check to see and just continued the practice.
If you look in the new testament Jesus and the Apostles preached free will giving. If most preachers and ministers of the gospel just told the truth then they would find the collection plates filled with their needs, and the needs of the body of Christ. The Brides Body is the Body of Christ. Because he is married to her and will supply all her needs. Christ is the truth and if these alledged men of God would just trust the truth and preach it. God will meet all the needs. But if they don't preach the truth what are they preaching? Sow to the spirit and not to the flesh!
To be carnally minded is death! Awaken Church! Awaken conservatives! Read your bibles don't just put them on the TV sets for a personel feeling of OK.sssssssssssssssss. Note: Back several months ago President Bush attended an award ceromony for the Dali Lama and called him his holiness multiple times. I was Catholic and I wouldn't even call the Pope Holiness. Makes you think when someone who professes to be a Christian bows to Tibetan Budahism?!! It is all about Political Power these evil days and no one but no one running for Emperor President of the American World can be trusted. God help us chose the lesser of two evils? Pray without ceasing judgement is coming to this nation without sincere repentance and fasting and real since of what the bible actually says! It is not just feel good and have a Positive Mental Attitude. That might get you motivated in business but it won't admit you to heaven. Jesus said, I am the way, and the life, and the truth. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME...

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